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  • Title:Works presented by Teachers of class 2014 of Department of Radio & Television
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·         Works presented by Teachers of class 2014 of Department of Radio & Television
·         恭賀本系黃葳威老師獲選為103年教育部青年發展署服務學習獎勵計畫中的「績優教師」,此獎項乃為表揚對於開設具有服務學習內容之課程或將服務學習融入課程的優良教師。
·         Congratulations to Professor Wei-Wei Huang from our department for being selected as the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2014 Youth Development Administration. Ministry of Education’s  Reward.
This award is to honor those excellent professors who open courses that include or blend in the concept of serving education.
·         恭喜傅秀玲老師當選本校102學年度優良導師。
·         Congratulations to Assistant Professor Syou-ling Fu for being selected as our teacher of the year in 2013.
·         恭賀本系兼任王小隸老師榮獲第18屆國家文藝獎-影視戲劇藝術家。
·         Congratulations to Lecturer Shau-di Wang from our department for awarding the 18th Culture and Art Foundation - Television Drama Artist
·         恭喜易智言老師作品《行動代號:孫中山》榮獲2014第五十一屆金馬獎【最佳原著劇本】。
·         Congratulations to Lecturer Chi-Yan Yi’s work <Meeting Dr. Sun> been awarded the Best Original Script in the 51st GHA in 2014.
·         103學年度英文網頁競賽名單,本系獲第一名
·         Our department has won the first place in English webpage competition in the year of 2014.
·         恭喜本系系鍾適芳老師,以紀錄片「邊界移動兩百年」獲得第21屆台灣國際女性影展台灣競賽首獎,同時入圍2014年臺北電影獎、2014台灣國際紀錄片影展(TIDF)台灣競賽片以及2014社會公義獎。
·         Congratulations to Associate Professor She-Fong Chung from our department for winning the first place in the 21st Taiwan WMW Film Fest by her documentary <From Border to Border>. The documentary is also nominated in 2014 Taipei Film Fest2014 Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) – Taiwan Competition and 2014 Social Justice Award.
·         林玲遠老師繪圖之圖文書《多多和吉吉:颱風天》獲得2013好書大家讀年度最佳少年兒童讀物獎。
·         Assistant Professor Lin-Yuan Lin’s illustrated book Two Squirrels was awarded The Best Children's Book of 2013. 

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