TitleRadio and Television Paper Submission Information
Editor/AuthorDepartment of Radio & Television, National Chenchi University
Date of publication2014-11-18
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I.                    Paper Format

Please follow American Psychological Association (APA) format, single space with clear but simple charts and explanatory notes. Please have your page numbered. Charts need to be numbered, titled, and cited. Paper needs to include a title page, Chinese and English abstract, essay, references… etc. Please have your paper anonymously, do not show any information in the paper that is likely to reveal who you are.

1.      Paper needs to be in Word file.

2.      Cover page: Paper title, Chinese and English names of all authors, organizations, positions, contacts addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mails, acknowledgements…etc. Authors’ name should not appear in pages (including abstract) other than the cover page.

3.      Abstract: paper title, Chinese abstract (within 200 words: research questions, purposes, methods, and discovers…etc.), Chinese keywords (not more than 6). Paper needs to have English title, English abstract (within 200 words, content to be same as Chinese abstract), English keywords (not more than 6).

4.      Content Sequence: cover page, Chinese abstract, essay, reference appendix, English abstract. Please number all pages. Cover page, abstract, and three pages after the abstract would be your essay. Explanatory notes needs to be at the lower margin. References and appendix are after your essay.

II.                  Paper Review Procedure

1.      Paper would be reviewed any time when it is submitted. There are no due dates.

2.      Pease send in your paper to rtvjournal@gmail.com. Academic professions will review papers anonymously. Journal editor committee has the right to decide publication of the paper. Paper revision takes 3 to 6 months on average (including returning for proofreading).

3.      We only publish original papers that have not yet been published, please withdraw otherwise. According to international academic convention, papers that are read on academic conferences around the world but do not count as published, are welcome to submit.

4.      Papers would be recommended by two reviewers and decided of publishing. Papers would be sent back to author for proofreading and arranging of publishing. If there were disagreements between the two reviewers, a third reviewer would review the paper and have the editor committee to decide on publishing.

5.      Do not submit your paper to more than one organization.

III.               Submission

Please submit your paper to rtvjournal@gmail.com. If any questions, please contact editor at +886-2-2938-7123.

IV.               Proofread

After arranging on publishing, authors need to proofread their own papers (please be extra careful on charts, formula and references). Please correct any mistakes on the proofreading draft. Editors have the right to edit your paper.

V.                  Publish

Once the academic paper is published, reprint would be sent to the author, no other remuneration would be issued. 

Please submit your paper to rtvjournal@gmail.com. If any questions, please contact editor at +886-2-2938-7123.
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