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Date 2020-03-17

“Culture Cup” Choir Competition of National Chengchi University was found in 12 December 1968. To the students of Radio and Television, “Culture Cup” Choir Competition is one of the major activities to bond their friendship. Most of the students are freshmen and sophomores. Juniors and seniors would attend with interest and their availabilities. The Department of Radio and Television sees this competition as a performance, they even make the record of ten times consecutive champion. Students are willing to challenge themselves in different genre of songs, train themselves and give surprises to the audiences. All members in the department work hard together, sing happily, and share their joy and touching moments.

2019 Speechless

2018 The Greatest Showman-This is me

2017 〈School Song Into The Woods Medley

2016 〈Money Money Money

2015 〈Japanese Game〉(Japanese folk)

2014 Sinten Nunggang Sepur(Jawa folk)

2013   〈School Song湯かむり唄(Japanese folk)

2012 〈Janger〉(Bali Indonesia ballads)

2011 〈俵積み唄〉(Japanese folk)

2010 〈Cloudburst

2009 〈The Sounding Sea〉

2008 〈Pamugun〉 (Tanah Mindanao Island, Philippines and China folk)

2007 〈Ametsetan〉(Basque songs)

2006 〈Kungala〉(Australian Aborigines songs)

2005 〈狩俣ぬくいちゃ〉

2004 〈Kasar Mie La Gaji〉(Sahara Aboriginal tunes)

2003 〈Ave maris stella〉(Latin songs)

2002  〈Rosas Pandan〉(English songs)

2001 〈Mule rendera〉
2000 〈Alleluia〉

1999 〈The Snow〉


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