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Date 2020-03-17

Imagin Asia 

The Origin of “ImaginAsia”

Imagination is a key to creation.  “ImaginAsia” was established so that students could create imaginative projects together.  It contains research presentations, culture exchange, and workshops.  Based on the common themes for these three parts, "ImaginAsia" provides an environment where students can experience international communication and cultural exploration.

With globalization, “rising of Asia” is an important trend.  However, most of the students in Asia tend to follow the Western Culture as their focal vision when they need to embrace their own culture.  “ImaginAsia”  allows Asian students to experience each other’s streets, forests and countryside, and to explore and reflect on East Asian history, relationships between civilization and nature, and current events in Asia.

Professor Suga, Kerijiro( 管 啓次郎) of Meji University, Japan and Professor Lu, Feii of National Chengchi University, Taiwan are the founders of “ImaginAsia”.  The journey started when Meiji University and Chengchi University worked together on a “Taipei : Tokyo” City themed workshop in May 2010.

    In October 2010, faculty and students from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand joined "ImaginAsia".  Besides the above-mentioned three universities, Hong Kong Baptist University and University of Southern California, also attended this workshop when it was held at Xitou, Taiwan in 2011.

    The workshop was hosted by Meiji University in Aomori, Japan the following year.  In 2013, professors and students from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, China, and the U.S.A. were assembled to join the workshop, hosted by National Chengchi University, in Matsu Island, Taiwan.  In 2014, the workshop was held in Takamatsu, Japan to experience the culture of Japanese Islands.   A year later, National Chengchi University hosted ImaginAsia International Conference and Workshop in Taroko National Park, Taiwan.  And in 2016, members of ImaginAsia will be united again in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

 Each yeara, a main theme is named for the conference and workshop.  In the workshop, students are divided into groups of five or six to develop their presentation concept according to the main theme.  Through field research, interviews, filming and editing, students are able to create their multi-media projects in a short period of time.  Even though members come from different countries, speak various languages and have cultural differences, they always generate great chemistry within the group and (create inspiring works with profound views,  like colonialism, major disaster, nature and arts.)  create inspiring art works in respond to the history of colonialism, war and peace, humanity and natural disaster… etc.

The workshop inspires and deepens Asian youths’ social and culture awareness.  Through “ImaginAsia,” the word “Asia” is no longer a simple interpretation from the West, but a place full of diversity and multiple imaginations.

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