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Date 2021-05-12

The following announcement is translated from the notice of Office of Academic Affairs, NCCU. Please refer to the original notice for the most accurate information.


In response to the announcement by the Central Epidemic Command Center to raise the epidemic alert to the second level, the teaching method of each course in our school will be adjusted as follows from now until June 8th:

  1. Each course is still based on physical teaching, but it may be supplemented by remote teaching.
  2. For courses taken by more than 100 students, remote teaching (synchronous or asynchronous) shall fully implemented.
  3. For the courses taken by more than 60 sudents and less than 100 students, it is recommended to switch to remote teaching (synchronous or asynchronous) if the personnel cannot maintain a safe social distance of 1.5 meters in the classroom.
  4. When implementing distance teaching, the instructor should pay attention to maintaining the quality of teaching and accurately grasp the attendance and learning status of students.
  5. For the courses remaining physical teaching, teachers and students must wear face masks in the classroom and ensure that the classroom is well ventilated.
    If the classroom is poorly ventilated, please give priority to improving the environment or adjusting the teaching method.
  6. As there have been local cases of unknown source of infection, if there is an off-campus teaching in the course from now to June 8, it is recommended to postpone, cancel the application or adjust the teaching method.
    If the adjustment is no longer possible, it is necessary to strengthen epidemic prevention measures, follow-up and strengthen self-health management.
  7. If the Central Epidemic Command Center adjusts the epidemic alert measures, the teaching methods of the courses of our school will be adjusted in accordance with the mobile adjustment.
    Teachers and students are requested to pay attention to the latest epidemic prevention announcements.

The epidemic situation is changing rapidly. Teachers and students throughout the school are requested to strengthen the epidemic prevention measures to prevent epidemics from occurring in the school.

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