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Date 2022-05-26
  1. To enhance mutual-understanding between professors and students and to ensure quality of teaching in the University, the “End-of-Semester Course Evaluation Survey” will be started on Monday, May 23, 2022 and will be ended by Sunday, June 12, 2022. Please take your time to finish the Survey. 
  2. You can get into the Online Survey via the following link using your email account and password:
    On NCCU official website , login into “iNCCU”, look for Campus Information System→Campus Web info. portal→Students→Academics, choose “Course Evaluation Survey” system. The link:
  3. Each subject’s Course Evaluation Survey comprises 2 parts: “Course Evaluation Questionnaires” and “Core Capability Evaluation.” If either of the parts is unanswered, the Survey will be deemed as incomplete, and so it will affect the distribution of your “points for course selection” on the system. Please go back to the page of course list to check if both parts are answered for every subject.
  4. There are 10 questions on the questionnaires, using the Likert-type scale for scaling, with Strongly Agree (10 points), Agree (8 points), Somewhat Agree (6 points), Disagree (4 points), and Strongly Disagree (2 points) being the typical format of a 5-level Likert items. After summing up and analyzing the valid questionnaires, a score will be given as the base of that particular subject’s quantitative survey result. Since your response will be used to evaluate the professor’s teaching performance, please do fill out the Survey cautiously.
  5. If a course has set the “Core Capability Evaluation” on the Survey, after completing the “Course Evaluation Questionnaires” and click on “Submit/Save”, the system will automatically direct you to the “Core Capability Evaluation” part of the Survey.
  6. Every professor’s Course Evaluation Surveys of the last 6 semesters are going to be incorporated in the course selection system, thus your response on professor’s teaching quality and performance will surely serves as important reference for future students. Please do fill them out with cautiousness.
  7. The Survey results are anonymous and will not affect your grade.

Wish you all the best in the Final Exam!

This notice is reposted from Office of Academic AffairsTo receive the latest information, please visit the original one:,r101.php?Lang=en

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