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Date 2023-06-29

According to the academic calendar of the academic year 111th and 112th from the Office of Academic Affairs, NCCU, the summer vacation for 2023 will start from June 19th (Monday) and end on September 10th (Sunday).

NCCU has provided individual and common vacation periods for the faculty during the summer break. The common vacation dates are as follows: July 21st (Friday), July 28th (Friday), August 4th (Friday), August 11th (Friday), and August 18th (Friday), totaling 5 days.

In case of any urgent administrative matters, please contact the designated contact person or the Campus Security Center or the stationed police force: Campus Security Center: 0919-099-119 (campus extension: 66119); stationed police force: 02-2938-7129 (campus extension: 66110).

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