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Date 2023-09-23

Congratulations to the faculty and alumni of our department for being nominated for the 112th Golden Bell Awards in both television and radio categories. Their outstanding performances have garnered well-deserved recognition. Here is the list of nominees:


**Television Golden Bell Awards:**

  1. **Program Director Award**: Shih-Fang Chung (Professor) for "Hakka Documentary - 藝術與人生系列-我們在此相遇."
  2. **Drama Program Writer Award**: Mark Ming (Alumnus), Chia-An Wang (Alumnus), Hsin-Ming Ho (Alumnus), Yi-Ching Yu (Alumnus), and Ke-Wei Chou (Alumnus) for "Copycat Killer.
  3. **Drama Original Song Award**: "Reflection" by Ta-Wei Ko (Alumnus) for "Women in Taipei."
  4. **Drama Editing Award**: Chen-Ching Lei (Part-time Professor) for "Women in Taipei."
  5. **Drama Program Sound Design Award**: Tu-Chih Tu (Part-time Professor) for "Good Day."
  6. **Drama Program Sound Design Award**: Yi-Ting Chang (Alumnus) for "PTS Student Drama Exhibition - Reclaim My Summer."
  7. **Natural Science and Humanities Documentary Program Host Award**: Meng-Lan Shu (Alumnus) for "Vanishing Kings."


**Radio Golden Bell Awards:**

1. **Pop Music Program Host Award**: Nei-Ke (Yu-Hsuan Wu) (Alumnus/Part-time Professor) for "The Moment of Confession(告白那一刻)."


These nominees represent the exceptional talent and achievements of your department. Congratulations to them for their outstanding performances at the Golden Bell Awards, and we hope they shine in their respective categories!

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